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More about me


Besides being a wedding celebrant, I can also assist you with hosting your reception. I am an experienced MC, I used to host for Auckland Lantern Festival for numerous year, also been the host of Chinese New Year Festival at Parliament in Wellington and Market Day for consecutive years. 


My home is in Auckland but my work takes me all over New Zealand. Please get in touch if you are based out of my area and I will be more than happy to consider traveling to your wedding location. 

I am an outdoorsy person, love playing tennis, golf, hiking, skiing which keeps me active all year round. Or shall I say that was the life I had before my two babies. 

IMG_8934.jpgMonica Mu conducting a bilingual wedding ceremony in English.
Monica Mu conducting a bilingual wedding ceremony in English and Chinese.

I always joke about the fact that I do not want "return customers", however over the years, I have married brothers, sisters, bridesmaids and groomsmen from past weddings, couples' family members and friends who attended the wedding I officiated. I am humbled and honored to be able to meet and greet the same family members and friends again. 

I have also became great friends with some who live nearby and now we are raising our children in the same neighbourhood and have play dates together. 

As time goes by, life carries on and the happiness and love you experienced and shared on your wedding day and every day to come will never cease to touch our hearts. 

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